How the Brantford Library understands “The Social Media Business Equation” by Eve Mayer Orsburn

It was a night of many tweets. One conversation leading to another. Everything leading to this eventual engagement.

The Brantford Libary had the Social Business frame of mind to engage with this new arrival to their town of Brantford.

Well I got to sit down and chat IRL with Tom and Paula.

I even picked up my new Brantford Library Card.

Let me tell you this in very clear terms.

Simply put, the Brantford Library Community Managers “GET IT”.

They understand that it is not about the number of followers, the number of web hits, the cut of one’s jib, the smell of one’s clothes, or one’s klout score.

Can you say #IRONY (see leaderboard below) 😉

They understand that every tweet is an opportunity to engage in dialogue and expand their Social Network and TRUE Social Influence and TRUE “Klout”.

They understand that every tweet is an opportunity to expand their Social Business through TRANSPARENCY, COLLABORATION and ENGAGEMENT.

How does all this relate to Eve Mayer Orsburn’s new book “The Social Media Business Equation”?

Eve Mayer Orsburn aka @LinkedInQueen was one of the first people I started following on Twitter back in 2009, when I transitioned to my 2.0 Lifestyle.

I am connected to her on LinkedIn.

I am friends with her on Facebook.

It has been a very long time since Eve and I did any form of dialogue via our shared Social Media connections, as we both lead very busy and public lives.

I have been able to keep up to date on her travels, her family life (Hello Mia), her business success and her book The Social Media Business Equation.

It is only fitting that the first book I have checked out of the Brantford Library, is one that I have been looking forward to read for a very long time now, Eve Mayer Orsburn’s “The Social Media Business Equation“.

So to make my point very clear to those in Brantford preaching Public Transparency and Engagement.

Don’t be an Egg, and ENGAGE with those who opt to ENGAGE with you on those platforms you opt be TRANSPARENT.

You might be surprised who walks into your door and COLLABORATES.

Keep on Engaging like the Brantford Library Community

This Social Business Podcast Series is

Recorded LIVE in Brantford.

22 thoughts on “How the Brantford Library understands “The Social Media Business Equation” by Eve Mayer Orsburn

  1. Once again you embark to educate those of us developing different levels of expertise within social media. This is just one part of the mosaic and helps us understand the essential stages required. It helps smooth out the learning curve, for me anyway. Thanks.

  2. There always has to be a difference between private media and social media!

    Private media is about your strong interactions, while social media is all about your weak interactions!

    The Dunbar number of 150 belongs to private media of strong interactions!

    But the strength of weak ties by Mark Granovetter is more linked to weak interactions that social media are!

    We should not confound both kinds of interactions and we cannot mix them up, I think!

    • Very interesting points brought up. Regardless of the number of maximum people that a person can engage with (Dunbar), the real key in any interaction is the willingness to engage and collaborate towards a common goal. The biggest takeaway I have on this experience is “How hard would it have been to reply and say ‘Welcome to Brantford'” 😉

  3. Great post Robert! It was quite interesting following the conversation that evening on Twitter, essentially how Twitter is supposed to be used which only after a short time, is becoming lost already. When you are done with that book by Eve Mayer Orsburn I would love to give it a read.

  4. I enjoyed the read and found the response from the Brantford library inspiring. They get the new social media model which is a huge advantage going into the future to adapt as libraries find their role in the new mediums.

    • Agreed. The primary message in all of this (and is a constant theme) Engagement leads to Collaboration. Every medium regardless of Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Path, etc, etc, etc is a means to a potential conversation. Until you engage you will never know what collaboration may come from that transparent medium.

  5. No offense but don’t you think that a mayor of a city is too busy to be monitoring their Twitter account? I know there are exceptions (like @CoryBooker of Newark) but I assume that being mayor involves a lot of work & meetings. I’m sure he was informed about the discussion and then responded to you (or one of his staff did). I’m not sure how big this town is, but I don’t think top government officials should be hanging out on Twitter as one of their primary job responsibilities. JMHO.

    • I am so glad you posted this comment Liz. For two reasons: 1) you are amongst those that I call #SuperEngagers and 2) you bring up very valid counter-points.

      Let me try and add some context to this particular case.

      First off, Brantford is a small town (about 99,000 < those that get it will get the reference). Secondly, the electorate in the area have been making it clear that their interests are in properly leveraging Social Media to reach out to their constituents.

      I often use the example of Michael Dell (the guy behind Dell ;-)). He did a typo one night on a post on Google Plus. I called him on it (I before E except after C). Within a minute Michael himself replied to my comment, addressed the error, and rectified it. That is engagement and another example of how even though I don't respect the quality of Dell equipment, I have plenty of respect for what they are doing in Social Media Monitoring and Engagement.

      One other key on this one, Michael runs a company and a community far, far, far, far larger than the City of Brantford. He didn't have a ghost writer or community manager engage, he engaged. Nor did he hide behind lawyers and policies, he publicy acknowledge an error (albeit very very minor) and personally addressed it. He earned my respect that day (even though he had it prior as well).

      Going back to the city with what can be considered a very small Twitter community, the key is to engage with more than just the Traditional Media who are also on the platform. For the most part that is what I had seen since my move here to Brantford. This tweet was not my first tweet mentioning the Mayor, which in part led me to use it as a counter-use-case to what the Brantford Library had done.

      The Library is actually up for a Tech Innovation award and as with all tech, it is the culture around the tech that defines success. As mentioned in the post, the City Councillors can learn a lot from the Brantford Library Community Manager and in many ways this post was intended as a bit of a shot across the bow mixed in with a very public acknowledge of a group that is following the Councils mandate to leverage Social Media.

      The fact that the Brantford Library post and tweet are at the top of each of their media speaks volumes that people Get that the Brantford Library Gets It.

      Coming back to the point about the Mayor. It is a personal account and not one of the Office of the Mayor. As such, if he wishes to make use of such a platform personally, it comes with certain responsibilities. One of wish is engagement with all vs. just representatives of the Traditional Media.

      I am very happy to have been able to update my post since the Mayor responded. However, I could have easily used numerous other examples from the City of non-engagers on Twitter as my counter point to the Brantford Library.

      Hope that answers your concerns regarding the context of the post.

      As always, feel free to engage Liz (you do keep me honest afterall ;-))


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