Huge Thanks to Peter Radzio (@peterradzio) for the recent Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) Personal Brand Review

I want to thank Peter Radzio (@peterradzio) for his recent review of “The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up” featuring the tweets of  Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42).

“In order to grasp the significance and ramifications of social media I list Robert as one of the bloggers I follow. It has greatly enhanced my comprehension as to how this new tool will aid me in my marketing efforts.” – February 23, 2011 – Peter Radzio, Secretary, Ontario Libertarian Party

Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM, Personal Branding Micro-Blogger and Researcher at The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up.

Back in September 2010, I was asked to keynote at Ontario Libertarian Party’s executive meeting on how Social Media should be used across the spectrums of Social Media Marketing, Social Business and Open Government.

Since that presentation, Peter has fully immersed himself into learning more about social media and social networking.  Peter ranks amongst the top Re-Tweeter of @RLavigne42 Tweets.

Engage with Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

Enterprise 2.0 Mentor and Leader at The Digital Grapevine (#TDGv)

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value September 21, 2010

Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)



The “@RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up” is also available as a Daily

Forever Reach Out! For if you remain a Silo, you will Fail from its Heavy Weight and Loneliness!

Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)


The Three Gears of Enterprise Social Media Adoption

adapted by Robert Lavigne(@RLavigne42)

“Only through engaging using a Third Gear philosophy will you achieve the real value proposition that Social Media can deliver. Whether it is within your organization using Enterprise 2.0, or outside of your organization using Social CRM, your mindset and attitude in using the tools will determine your success or failure and not the tools themselves.”~@RLavigne42

Engage with Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

Enterprise 2.0 Mentor and Leader at The Digital Grapevine

This is my personal brand.

Seasoned GenX Leader Capable of Leveraging the Technically Savvy GenY Knowledge Worker

Nice.  Simple.  Tweet-able.  Tagged.  Contextual.  To the Point.

My personal brand is a clear indicator of both who I am and who I wish to mentor towards making an organizational shift leveraging the values of Enterprise 2.o, Agile Development, Transparency and Accountability, Collaboration and Engagement, and providing a cultural shift both within your organization and across your customer base.

It only cost me two years and 10,000 hours worth of effort, research, networking, and financing!

Do you have 10,000 hours to waste or money to burn?


Then leverage my findings and social network, and engage with

Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

Highlights and Achievements

  • Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM, Personal Branding,
  • Video Production, Video Editing,
  • WordPress, Wikis, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook,
  • Agile, SCRUM, PMBOK, RAD, Methodologies,
  • SaaS, SOA, .NET, JAVA, N-Tier, Architectures,
  • Networking, Staffing, Leadership, Mentoring,
  • Strategic Planning, Innovation, Cost Savings,
  • Product Management, Sales, Marketing Support,
  • Project Management Professional (PMP),
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce (MIS),
  • English (fluent), French (spoken),

Robert has been responsible for products that have evolved from the “Paper Napkin” stage through to Tier-1 implementation at major Telecommunication Providers.

Robert Lavigne has been recently researching and networking in the fields of Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM and Personal Branding to compliment his existing Agile Development and Leadership experience.

This evolutionary knowledge furthers the delivery of Real Corporate Value (RCV). The use of modern social networking tools and related mindsets fully engages business relationships and departmental convergence.

Rob subscribes to the need for further contextualization of accessible content to achieve real returns in the field of Competitive Intelligence and Business Innovation.

Work History

Current (2009-Present)

  • Enterprise 2.0 Mentor and Leader at The Digital Grapevine (#TDGv) (Self-employed)
  • Social Media Producer, Editor and Director at #TDGv Studios (Self-employed)
  • Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM and Personal Branding Micro-Blogger and Researcher at The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (Self-employed)

Past (1992-2009)

  • Director, Applications Development at BBM Canada
  • Manager, Application Development at Accruent
  • Development Manager at ADP Canada
  • Team Strategist at Compass360/Racing
  • Director, Research and Development at NTG Clarity / Metaplus
  • Engineering Manager at Daleen Technologies
  • Application Development Manager at Mediconsult
  • Manager, Application Development at Akanda Innovation Inc.
  • Senior Workflow and Messaging Consultant at IKO Technology Services
  • Systems Engineer at Electronic Data Systems

Recent Publications

What is a Social Media Strategy

answered by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

How can a Business Leverage Social Media

answered by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

Rave Reviews

“I highly recommend Robert and his organization for getting the best possible business outcomes through the leveraging of 2.0 technology. He makes life easier and delivers to exact project specification on-time and on-budget. He also brings fresh, creative ideas to the table that add value. I can’t wait to work with Robert again on our next project.” January 18, 2011

“Over the past year (2010) Rob has offered extremely valuable advice to our organization – specifically on branding and marketing more effectively by leveraging various social media tools. Rob is a brilliant professional that is passionate about driving change in the business world. His ideas are genius and the amount of value he has to add to any organization open-minded enough to engage his services, is limitless. I am grateful to have stumbled upon him. Thank you Rob, for shaking things up and getting us to think outside the box!” December 20, 2010

“Robert’s numerous years of experience as an enterprise IT director and leader, coupled with his unparalleled passion for Enterprise 2.0, Social Media and Enterprise Knowledge “ROI vehicles” make him a great asset to any organization which is poised for explosive growth in the near future!” May 28, 2010

“It was a pleasure working for Robert. I was always amazed by his ability to excel in managing so many different multiple projects, motivate by his own example so many people. He is a rare combination of the person, who quickly understands the business needs, who at the same time is a bright and aggressive manager and technically competent specialist, proposing the best plans and generating the best ideas, and who at the same time was always warm and interesting co-worker. I would strongly recommend Robert as a director or manager and colleague.” January 17, 2009 “

Rob was instrumental in turning a disfunctional, disconnected and difficult to deal with department into one that was effective, organized and much more receptive to business needs. He is a very committed, dedicated and engaged individual who is a also an able communicator. He is a great ‘translator’ between technical and client-facing staff, and learns quickly. As a significant internal client of Rob’s department, I know that our company has benefitted greatly from Rob’s personal involvement and also from the improvements that he made to the department as a whole.” December 19, 2008

“Rob was an integral part of the genesis of Compass360 Racing in Grand-Am. As part of our three-person start-up, he worked with our then-Crew Chief on team logistics, crew travel and per diems, and helped organize components of our one-car effort, including traveling to every race and leading the crew. More recently, Rob created a detailed written account of not only his experiences during that first year, but also a look at the years between then and our rise to become one of the top teams in our NASCAR-owned series, including chronicling our 2009 triple-crown championship. He has also written extensively about issues and solutions for firms using Enterprise 2.0 strategies.” December 18, 2009

My Recent Guest Co-Host Spot on The Customer Experience Show interviewing Tom Feeney

On February 18, 2011, I was asked to co-host Episode 46 of The Customer Experience Show with Tom Feeney on blogtalkradio.

Tom Feeney is the president & CEO of Safelite AutoGlass®, the nation’s leading provider of vehicle glass repair and replacement services. In his 20 years with the company, he has been instrumental in establishing Safelite AutoGlass® as a national company and a well-known brand, which now serves more than 4.5 million customers annually and provides mobile service options to 95 percent of the U.S.

This was my second co-hosting gig on this podcast since appearing as a guest on Episode 40.

BlogTalkRadio’s The Customer Experience Show – Episode 40 with Robert Lavigne

Host Name: Customer Experience
Show Name: Episode 40 – Robert Lavigne

Date / Length: 1/2/2011 9:00 PM – 30 min


Robert is a PMP and has acquired over 20 years of business-enablement via technological innovation. During these years, he has contributed to over 60 major projects and 15 commercialized products in both Startup and Enterprise organizations. He is passionate about growing businesses via the enablement of new technologies and innovative approaches and has been responsible for products that have evolved from the “Paper Napkin” stage through to Tier-1 implementation at major Telecommunication Providers. Robert has been recently researching and networking in the fields of Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM and Personal Branding to compliment his existing Agile Development and Leadership experience. This evolutionary knowledge furthers the delivery of Real Corporate Value (RCV). The use of modern social networking tools and related mindsets fully engages business relationships and departmental convergence. Rob subscribes to the need for further contextualization of accessible content to achieve real returns in the field of Competitive Intelligence and Business Innovation.

“Knocking Down Silos” by becoming a Real Human Being. A #TDGv Tribute to Dave Howlett, RHB (@RHBDaveHowlett)

Happy Birthday Dave!

Here is the reprinting of the My Thoughts Enclosed… classic summarizing much of the early concepts and session layout that became his very successful RHB Nation.

JUNE 17, 2009 · 09:30

“Knocking Down Silos” by becoming a Real Human Being

On June 17, 2009, Robert Half sponsored an executive business breakfast with Dave Howlett as their featured speaker.  I was fortunate to have been invited to the event by Igor Abramovitch, Division Director for RHT.  Dave Howlett is the Founder and Managing Director of RealHumanBeing.Org and presented the audience with his solution for “Knocking Down Silos”.  When I first heard about the session, I figured it would be another traditional organizational silo presentation.  My expectations were quickly and forever changed when I started truly listening to what Dave had to share.  I purposely use the word “share” because the presentation did not feel in any way preachy, lecturing, or disconnected from what each one of us is capable of doing in our daily lives.

Dave Howlett is a very talented speaker who infuses his presentation with a great deal of humour and sincerity (and the right blend of sarcasm).  The content of his presentation is not only interactive in nature, but also pulls from the real life relationships he has made over years of living the RHB mindset.  Dave does not consider himself a motivational speaker, but I can attest that he is clearly an inspirational speaker and a testament to Toastmasters.  By his own accord, he teaches a philosophy versus prepackaged tips and tricks to get you by in work and life.  Like all successful philosophies however, the key is whether you can walk the walk and not simply talk the talk.  To achieve this, often you need to change you current learned behaviour and those you surround yourself with.  That in itself is a daunting task, but Dave has provided a community approach to helping you achieve those ideals as we all need a support group regardless of our initiatives.

While I am in no way capable of presenting the information covered as well as Dave can, I have attempted to capture the highlights on his presentation to share it with you (with Dave’s kind permission).  I highly recommend to anyone trying to get out of cynical and stereotypical silos mindset to attend one of Dave’s presentations (RHB Events).

Through Good Times and Bad Times

Dave presented us with an interesting observation. He brought up the analogy that those we define as successful tend to also have the largest fences and gates around their homes.  The higher you rise, the larger the gates get around you.  Those gates are often imposed upon for protection, but more often they are self built for alternative means.  Dave put forth the notion that people tend to establish fake barriers around themselves and proceed to justify their behaviours and stance behind those barriers.  They feel in control behind those gates, but often are left alone in their cynicism and stereotypical views of the outside world.  They become the angry old man that we have all seen sitting alone on the park bench.  This figurative and illustrative point is a key factor in typical corporate silo disconnected mindsets.  Simply put, being busy and successful is not an excuse for being rude and self-focussed.

Dave brought up the all to common corporate belief structure that those in your department are “great” and those in the other departments must be “morons and idiots”.  These are Dave’s words and not mine, but I think we have all been in those situations whether it is putting down the IT department, the HR department, or whatever individual/group you may disagree with.  Do you consider them “idiots” simply because they are not doing what you think is right?  Dave reminds us all that you should not treat people like a category and asks “Can you be proud of yourself and still respect others beliefs?” Your task is not to judge them in advance, but let their own actions determine how they choose to operate and be perceived.  Dave puts forward the notion that everyone deserves at least one shot at being a Real Human Being (and some need a few kicks at the proverbial can to get it right).

Dave comes from a military background and knows all to well what it feels like to be the new kid in the room.  Being a military brat myself, I know what it is like to move from base to base every two years and how difficult it can be on all parties.  He also knows full well that both sides of any conflict have their perceived good guys.  What side of history you are on often dictates whether you are remembered as a Freedom Fighter or a Rebellious Insurgent.

In this economy and in life in general, nobody is indispensable and yet everyone has the potential to bring value to an organization.  What Dave reminds us that is it is more important to treat people the way they want to be treated and not as you would like to be treated.  We are getting more and more grounded into an innovation-based economy.  You cannot afford to get behind the times and get stuck in the old mindset of treating people the way you would like to be treated.  Regardless, old angry men will always be old angry men as long as they think that everyone else is a “moron” (once again Dave’s choice of word ;-))

If you have not fallen into this corporate silo trap, you are already on your way to being a Real Human Being and you have my respect for being able to rise above this petty behaviour.  As you can probably tell, I do not make any illusions to having never fallen into that mindset.  I think most of us, especially in highly political environments have cast that stone.  The key to Dave’s philosophy is how quickly you realize it is happening and how long you stay in that mindset.  Sometimes, however, you need to change your environment before it changes you for the worse and you no longer recognize the person you have become.  Sadly, in good times, we tend to ignore those basic facts and arguments which are often much clearer in hard times.

It is with this in mind, that Dave presented that fact that “When times are good, we tend to create bad habits“.  There is a lot of truth to this statement.  When times are good, we tend to get so wrapped up in the moment that we forget the basic rules of behaviour and ethics that got us to those good times.  It is with that, that Dave followed his point with “When times are bad, we can use that time to create good habits“.  You need to know how to manage yourself and others in hard times.  The tools and techniques (basic reward models) that were so easily available to us during good times are now gone.  The collapse of institutions caused by bad behaviour in good times (GM, AIG, the list goes on and on and on sadly) is especially true in the current state of the economy.  Using the focussed guidance and awareness that one is granted during hard times is a key factor in redefining not only ourselves but also our organizations to rekindle the basic truths that make for a successful and complimentary relationship.

On a side note, it is appropriate and ironic that as I am writing this section, that my playlist just kicked into “Best I Can” by Queensryche while in full shuffle mode.

Good Guys and Amazing Women

Personal Branding is one of my favourite research topics these days and the topic of upcoming posts.  On that note, I highly recommend the work that Paul Copcutt has been performing on this topic now for some time.

Branding is what you want people to say about you and/or your company.  What is true about Personal Branding is that “if you have to say it, you are not it“.  Dave emphasized this point very clearly in his presentation and it is one that I fully subscribe to.  You need to earn that reputation as it is not one that can be labeled successfully through marketing.  You may achieve short term success by marketing yourself that way, but things eventually fall into the places they belong.

On that note, Dave re-introduces us to the age old statement “He is a good guy, tell him that I sent you“.  He proceeded to then introduce many of us to the lesser known (to us men at least ;-)) female equivalent “She is an Amazing Woman“.

Dave outlined that “Good Guys“/”Amazing Women” are found in that very small intersection of Knowledge, Personality, and Reliability.  Knowledge is simply experience and skill.  Personality can be considered “fit“.  Reliability is whether you are able to deliver on what you set out to do.  Now this can be a very difficult intersection for many of us to achieve given our daily challenges in toxic environments.  However, it is my shared belief that trying to be a good guy whenever you possibly can is a great start in achieving that intersection.

The three elements (Knowledge, Personality, Reliability) that define the intersection that makes someone a “Good Guy” are wrapped by a fourth element.  The fourth element is giving back and this is one of the reasons I am investing as much time in this post as I am (once again with Dave’s full approval for sharing his content via this blog).

Dave equates this fourth larger circle as the environmental rebranding of the individual.  It is with that in mind that I recall one of the attendants discuss after the session that he “does not buy into this recession mentality“.  I found that statement to be fairly symbolic of the fourth element as he is ensuring that he is supporting those he believes in during these tough economic times through economical interactions and knowledge acquisition and sharing.  You sir (whoever you are) are a “Good Guy” at heart.

If your goal is to become a consistent “Good Guy“/”Amazing Woman“, Dave outlined three basic codes of conduct for building your reputation towards that ideal.

RHB Code of Conduct

  • Assume everyone is intelligent
  • Have passion for what you do
  • Get over yourself.

Third Gear Philosophy

Dave proceeded to remind everyone that how you drive is how you live and work.  Now, considering my last three cars have been sports cars (TA, 951, TT) and I drive them hard and fast, I was intrigued by his statement ;-).  What Dave was eluding to, was his Third Gear philosophy.   He uses the analogy of how you drive you car in heavy traffic situations and I will attempt to summarize them for you here.

1st Gear

First Gear people are those who will not let you merge to the point where they will inch their car as far as possible to actually stop you from being able to merge.  These individuals suffer from a “only looking for #1 mindset” and have a “me, me, me” attitude.  They are also the ones who are most likely to exhibit constant road rage both in and out of the car.  First Gear individuals also tend to go out of their way to avoid doing work that is not their primary task.  They are the first to complain and exhibit the highest forms of arrogance: stereotyping and lack of compassion of others needs.

Now everyone has been in a first gear situation, but as Dave points out, what is important is how long you stay in first gear.  Those who fester and stay in first gear can start to manifest sociopath attributes to the point where they can become the very people discussed in the book Snakes in Suits (a book which I found to be a highly fascinating read).

2nd Gear

Second Gear people are those who will begrudgingly let you merge, but expect to see a wave of thanks in return.  More importantly, they are likely to revert easily to first gear if they do not get their wave.  They tend to attach actions to expected outcomes. Their eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth mindset works in both positive and negative aspects.  Everything depends on whether their expectations were met.  If they value the relationship, they will go out of their way to assist.  If they no longer value the relationship, they will not help again.

On a positive note, they do perform an honest days work for an honest days pay and have a collaborative mindset at heart.  Most people fall into the second gear mindset and for the most part tend to find a proper balance in their work/life environment that seem to meet their needs (notice I said “seem to”).  However, as with cowbells there is always a need for more to make the music right.

And this brings us to what Dave is promoting as the gear for a Real Human Being.

3rd Gear

Third Gear is the mindset that Dave recommends that you strive to drive your life in.  Third Gear people are those who will gladly let you merge with no expectations of thanks or reciprocation.  They didn’t do it for the wave, they did it because it was the right thing to do.  They have cleared their personal road rage and have disassociated themselves from other peoples anger.  They may let 20 people merge and only get 5 waves for their efforts.  However, those 5 waves have far more value to them because it was not expected and was genuine.  They tend to be embarrassed when someone makes a big deal of something they just do because it is natural to them.  They realize that work involves a two way flow which leads to trust which then leads to real problem solving.

Watch your Weekend Challenge

Dave presented us with three simple tasks that help us practice becoming Real Human Beings.  He called it the “Watch your Weekend Challenge“.  It is made up of three elements: Watch, Weekend, and Challenge.  To be effective, this must be done with a Third Gear mindset.


Watch is exactly that a watch.  When you compliment someone, you should be complimenting them on something that they were not born with.  There is a huge difference between commenting about someones appearance and commenting on something they have purposely choosen to wear as a form of personal expression.


Weekend is, yep you guessed it, the weekend.  What a person does with their free time says a lot about a person (and I am choosing to Blog so I probably need to look into that).  You should make a point of asking someone what they did on their weekend.  Ask and listen and pay close attention to the passion you will see in their eyes and maneurisms when they discuss something they are genuinely interested in.


Okay, by now you should see a pattern.  Challenge is …. yep challenge.  Ask a person what is their largest challenge.  What keeps them up at night?  This is what you can help them with if it is within your capabilities.  When you help someone with a challenge, you are not only showing genuine interest in them, but also that you care about them as individuals and want to empathize with their distress.  This shows them that you have their best interests at heart and this will go a very long way in building the necessary relationships needed to meet the challenges you both face in the work place.

Friday Thank You Cards

At the beginning of the presentation, Dave hinted to us about an intriguing challenge, which he proceeded to outline in detail at the end of his presentation.  What made it even more intriguing is that he indicated that his own statistics showed that young females tended to be successful in the challenge and older males tended to not be.  Being an older male, my first reaction was “well I will prove those statistics wrong”.

Dave put forward that on every Friday we should mail out two (2) Thank You cards to individuals who either had a lasting impact on our lives or simply did a good thing for us recently.  As an added control mechanism, Dave instructed us to ensure that he was a recipient of one of the cards to prove that we took on the challenge.

So on that note, the challenge is to go out and purchase ten (10) Thank You cards, ten (10) stamps, and start giving back to those who have given to us.  I am taking up that challenge as a constant reminder that you are only as good as the people that you surround yourself with.  No matter how good or bad things are, it is always a good time to thank someone for helping you (it is simply the right thing to do).  The key is to not wait nor expect for them to say Thank You in return.  If you find that the people you are thanking question your motives, you clearly have been living life in first gear.

One that note, I am publicly thanking both Dave Howlett and Igor Abramovitch for their time and effort in trying to make organizations more successful and reminding ourselves that we can simply be a Real Human Being.

Yours in 3rd gear,

Robert Lavigne, RHB

#TDGv Person of the Year: Dave Howlett, RHB (@RHBDaveHowlett). “Knocking Down Silos” by becoming a Real Human Being. Happy Birthday Dave!

Today is my pal Dave Howlett’s birthday.  On this day, I would like to not only celebrate a strong influencer on the #TDGv Social Business Model.  I would like to celebrate by paying forward his message that I captured in a My Thoughts Enclosed… entry.   I wrote this blog post very early in the genesis that became my personal brand @RLavigne42.

With that I bring you the re-printing of my tribute to Dave Howlett, RHB.

Knocking Down Silos” by becoming a Real Human Being

Happy Birthday Dave,


“What is a Wiki?” answered by Martin Cleaver (@mrjcleaver) and Dan Keldsen (@dankeldsen) with an intro by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

On January 28th, 2011, Dan Keldsen of Information Architected Inc, and I co-presented an Enterprise 2.0 and Collaboration Workshop to the 5TH Annual AFMNet HQP Professional Development School.

The Advanced Foods and Materials Network (AFMNet) is “Canada’s front line of research and development in the area of advanced foods and bio–materials — from new, lower cost antibiotics, to improved frozen food quality to faster healing wound dressings.”

As part of the workshop, we discussed the opportunities Wikis present to organizations wishing to fully leverage the collaboration within their communities.  When the question was asked, “What is a Wiki?“, we turned the microphone over to my Knowledge Workers Toronto co-chair Martin Cleaver to share his insights.

Martin Cleaver at Blended Perspectives has been providing Wiki Consulting services since 2001 and keenly watches developments in the collaborative technologies and practices industries.

Blended Perspectives offers:

  • Industry Strategy: an evaluation of strategic impacts of Wikis for your enterprise in the context of your industry.
  • Business Value Articulation: Which processes a wiki would best showcase the value in your firm. don’t worry, we’ll also tell you when a wiki is not the best solution.
  • Technical selection: vendor-neutral, we’ll help you and your internal stakeholders reason with the plethora of commercial and open source solutions in today’s market place.
  • Technical Implementation We’ll help you determine your infrastructure choices around hosting, inside or outside the firewall and help you integrate it. Installation, Systems administration, Plugins, LDAP, datawarehouse and embed into existing portal systems too.
  • Cultural adoption:we’ll help you quietly launch the service to ensure you gain credibility and mutual support processes with your internal staff; this service includes leadership messaging and participation, rewards and metrics and training and coaching.
  • Staffing Choices: as we move into a world where mass collaboration is increasing important, hiring the right people with the right values and skills is vital. We can help you gain these new competencies.
  • Wikis are a powerful class of Enterprise 2.0 application that fundamentally changes the nature of sharing information. Unlike many E2.0 applications that are still early stage, the paradigm and feature set of wikis have stablized to a point where their utility is widely accepted. As an application, a Wiki serves as a good first step toward the collaborative workplace.

#TDGv Eqentia Playlist is now Live! “The Most Versatile Aggregation & Curation Platform”

Watch the full #TDGv Eqentia playlist featuring  “The Most Comprehensive Aggregation, Curation and Re-publishing Platform”.

Eqentia is a powerful enterprise platform for aggregating, curating, consuming, analyzing and re-publishing web news content. It is used for knowledge tracking, competitive intelligence, content marketing, social newsrooms, SEO enrichment, thought leadership or any custom content.

Woke up angry. Hitting snooze. Life on the edge!

Life on the edge!

The Anatomy of a Vlog #NSFW – Will this Nightmare be Avenged Sevenfold?

I spent a lot of long hours working on #TDGv Studios in 2010.

I drank a lot of Red Bull working on #TDGv Studios in 2010.

I listened to a lot of Avenged Sevenfold working on #TDGv Studios in 2010.

Here was the result of that #TDGv Studios Video Editing Sprint.

#TDGv MuayThai: Derrick Henriques (Warrior Muay Thai) vs Cole Spitzig (Phady’s Muay Thai) – 140 Lbs

#TDGv Insights: Make your dream world your reality, or keep hitting that snooze button.


What the heck is Cinchcast? And why you should care about the value of transparency and engagement.

Update: This post brought to you by  Make sure you visit Stephanie’s Cinch-based podcasts.  My thanks for her contributions to this entry.

Today I had a conversation with William Mougayar, CEO, Eqentia about Cinchcast (also known as Cinch).

I was doing a video shoot with William to help promote his company after their recent review in TechCrunch.

Upon William’s recommendation, I decided to set up my own account to see what the deal was.  After setting up the account, I posted a couple of images (audio submission still pending).

After reviewing its features some more, I fired off my initial thoughts to William via e-mail.

It is part of the blogtalkradio network.  It only does audio and images.  The app records the audio or snaps pics and allows you to then post to the site and cross post to Twitter or Facebook.  It does not do video or anything like that.  However, there is something to be said about audio recording an intro to a particular link and posting the link (have not tried that yet).

Upon setting it up, I synced it with my twitter account and started following those I am connected with on Twitter already on Cinchcast.  Within moments, one of my twitter followers sent me this nice thank you tweet expressing her support for cinch.

This prompted a nice conversation on some of the unanswered questions I had regarding what Cinchcast could do.  It also opened up a dialogue about additional possibilities of Cinchcast, such as verbal bookmarks and verbal comments on blog links.

Here is the threaded conversation I had with Stephanie LH Calahan (@StephCalahan).  This conversation is a prime example of the power of social networking, social Q&A and a level of engagement that can only manifest itself by transparency.

#TDGv Praise from Dan Keldsen (@dankeldsen) for Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) and The Digital Grapevine

I was asked by Dan KeldsenInformation Architected Inc,  to present Stephen Shapiro’s Innovation Personality Poker® to the 5TH Annual AFMNET HQP Professional Development School.  The Advanced Foods and Materials Network (AFMNet) is “Canada’s front line of research and development in the area of advanced foods and bio–materials — from new, lower cost antibiotics, to improved frozen food quality to faster healing wound dressings.”

I first heard of Dan when he presented “Why Is There Resistance to Enterprise 2.0?” at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.  Dan offered his insights into why some companies have been slow to embrace enterprise 2.0 software. Dan Keldsen, with Carl Frappaolo, discussed usage among senior management, IT and users, then reveal which group is the most resistant to change.

Even though Dan and I had known each other for close to two years, this was the first time we actually met in real life.  Our collaborative friendship evolved from engaging on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook to gaming with Nick Furious (me) on XBOX Live on a near weekly basis.

It was an honour that he requested me to co-chair this workshop on a topic we both share a great interest and experience in.  In was even more of an honour when Dan shared his thoughts on our collaborative effort in putting together this workshop.

“Recently Rob was my wingman and collaborator on an Enterprise 2.0 (Collaboration/Innovation) workshop.

As I knew it would be (although we had previously “only” collaborated virtually), he was the perfect addition to my team.

His help in logistics, banter, and running the Personality Poker/team-building segment was a truly great win for this session.

His far deeper than average take on YouTube, Facebook and Branding/Engagement was also something I hadn’t fully appreciated until he kicked into action live and on the spot.

What we hadn’t planned on or anticipated, he took in stride and adapted to, which made the logistics and pains that *could have* happened as someone flying in from out of country, more than tolerable – it was outright insanely successful.

If you happen to be looking for a “get it done” guy who knows business, people and tech, Rob is the man for the job.

Rob – thank you for the partnership – It was fantastic working with you on this project and no doubt we’ll do more in the near future – both in-person and virtually.

For everyone else – Contact me any time and I’d be happy to go into further depth as a reference check.” February 3, 2011

Thank you Dan for your kind words and being part of a very collaborative venture and friendship.

The event was a great success as expressed by the testimonials by some of the over 75 attendees that took part in our Enterprise 2.0, Social Networking and Collaboration Workshop.

Learning Something New Everyday: Turns out that Twitter also has a follow limit similar to Facebook.

Unlike Facebook limit which is roughly 5000 ‘friends’ based on a collection of fanned/liked pages and connections, Twitters algorithm is a bit more complex.  Here are some tweets that should guide you in knowing how to avoid running into this limit.

#TDGv Thoughts and Insights: The world is but an original instance of reciprocated actions brought about by the thoughts of fellow souls walking it plains

Highlighted Thoughts and Tweets From Social Media Week Toronto (#SMWTO) via @RLavigne42

“What is a Social Media Strategy?” answered by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

Social is just an Element. Media is Media!

Media fundamentally is all about Exposure, Influence and a Call to Action.

There are two forms of measurement:

  • Quantitative: Return on Investment (ROI) – Tranditional Media Measurement
  • Qualitative: Return on Engagement (ROE) – The Social Measurement Factor

Social Media scales the level of Call to Action  to the Three Degrees of Connectivity.

Remember the Faberge Shampoo Television Commercial

“I’ll Tell Two Friends…And You Tell Two Friends…And So On…And So On…”

Social Media (2000^2000) Provides an Exponential Reach that Traditional Media (2^2) cannot.

Social Media has given us a challenge of Scale.  A Social Media Strategy allows you to Scale.

Social takes your Strategy across the Board.  Social is but ONE Element.

Media Remains Exposure, Influence and a Call to Action

Originally Aired on BlogTalkRadio’s The Customer Experience Show – Episode 40 with Robert Lavigne

“How can a Business Leverage Social Media” answered by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)


There are however THREE elements to being a Social Business!

  1. Transparency
  2. Engagement
  3. Collaboration

Transparency, Engagement and Collaboration have been in successful businesses forever!!!

Business has ALWAYS been about SOCIAL!  Business is about trading Stories and Wares!

Business is Business, and Business is Social! Social Media Success is Business Success!

Transparency and awareness drives Engagement.  An Engaged workforce is Collaborative!

Is your IT/Business Strategy Driven by FEAR? Knock Down the Silos to Drive Engagement!

Originally Aired on BlogTalkRadio’s The Customer Experience Show – Episode 40 with Robert Lavigne

Fresh #TDGv Praise from Jim Bowie (@Jim_Bowie) and Toronto Homes, Real Estate & Mortgages

It is always appreciated to hear back from people you have mentored in the art of Social Media and Social Business.  Today, Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) of The Digital Grapevine (#TDGv) received this praise from Jim Bowie (Real estate agent in Toronto. Motorsports, photography and rock n roll fanatic. Livin’ the dream!).

“Robert and I had met through our mutual passion for motorsports, but Robert’s prowess in all things digital and social media really impressed me. Robert has been instrumental in helping me to focus my social media strategy for my real estate practice. I look forward to sharing success stories based on best practices that I have learned from Robert. If you need digital media mojo, ping Robert Lavigne.” February 11, 2011

“Jim Bowie is not only a very respectable Real Estate agent based in Toronto, Canada, but a true racer at heart.  He is the only person I know who actually owns an Indianapolis 500 ring for his team winning effort with Arie Luyendyk‘s second Indy 500 Championship in 1997.” said Robert Lavigne upon hearing of the praise.

Jim Bowie recognizes that a Facebook/Twitter/YouTube feed cannot be all self-promotion.  This philosophy is clearly outlined in Robert Lavigne‘s groundbreaking post The Three Gears of Enterprise Social Media Adoption on his original blog My Thoughts Enclosed…

“Only through engaging using a Third Gear philosophy will you achieve the real value proposition that Social Media can deliver. Whether it is within your organization using Enterprise 2.0, or outside of your organization using Social CRM, your mindset and attitude in using the tools will determine your success or failure and not the tools themselves.”~@RLavigne42

Jim makes a point of infusing his feed with a mix of insight, photography, music and racing to compliment his actual Real Estate opportunities.  This provides his client base with not only a diversion to the typical “me, me, me” age of marketing, but also insight into his personality.

Make sure you check out Jim Bowie’s Real Estate Facebook Page if you or someone you know live in the GTA (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

New Facebook Page Layout Available NOW! All pages on Facebook will appear in the new layout beginning March 1, 2011

As predicted a while back, Facebook announced today the availability of their new layout for Fan/Pages.  Although the tabs are gone, they have a similar concept on the left bar. The new picture bar at the top, IMO, will be the latest way to link to relevant content (think pictorial bookmarks).

In this video I convert my Life@42 Facebook Page to the new layout and share my thoughts as I take the tour of the changes.

You can upgrade your Page starting today. To begin, take a live Tour of the new features. For more details and support, please visit our Pages Guide in the Resource Center and Help Center.