#TDGv Praise from Dan Keldsen (@dankeldsen) for Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) and The Digital Grapevine

I was asked by Dan KeldsenInformation Architected Inc,  to present Stephen Shapiro’s Innovation Personality Poker® to the 5TH Annual AFMNET HQP Professional Development School.  The Advanced Foods and Materials Network (AFMNet) is “Canada’s front line of research and development in the area of advanced foods and bio–materials — from new, lower cost antibiotics, to improved frozen food quality to faster healing wound dressings.”

I first heard of Dan when he presented “Why Is There Resistance to Enterprise 2.0?” at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.  Dan offered his insights into why some companies have been slow to embrace enterprise 2.0 software. Dan Keldsen, with Carl Frappaolo, discussed usage among senior management, IT and users, then reveal which group is the most resistant to change.

Even though Dan and I had known each other for close to two years, this was the first time we actually met in real life.  Our collaborative friendship evolved from engaging on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook to gaming with Nick Furious (me) on XBOX Live on a near weekly basis.

It was an honour that he requested me to co-chair this workshop on a topic we both share a great interest and experience in.  In was even more of an honour when Dan shared his thoughts on our collaborative effort in putting together this workshop.

“Recently Rob was my wingman and collaborator on an Enterprise 2.0 (Collaboration/Innovation) workshop.

As I knew it would be (although we had previously “only” collaborated virtually), he was the perfect addition to my team.

His help in logistics, banter, and running the Personality Poker/team-building segment was a truly great win for this session.

His far deeper than average take on YouTube, Facebook and Branding/Engagement was also something I hadn’t fully appreciated until he kicked into action live and on the spot.

What we hadn’t planned on or anticipated, he took in stride and adapted to, which made the logistics and pains that *could have* happened as someone flying in from out of country, more than tolerable – it was outright insanely successful.

If you happen to be looking for a “get it done” guy who knows business, people and tech, Rob is the man for the job.

Rob – thank you for the partnership – It was fantastic working with you on this project and no doubt we’ll do more in the near future – both in-person and virtually.

For everyone else – Contact me any time and I’d be happy to go into further depth as a reference check.” February 3, 2011

Thank you Dan for your kind words and being part of a very collaborative venture and friendship.

The event was a great success as expressed by the testimonials by some of the over 75 attendees that took part in our Enterprise 2.0, Social Networking and Collaboration Workshop.

One thought on “#TDGv Praise from Dan Keldsen (@dankeldsen) for Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) and The Digital Grapevine

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