Fresh #TDGv Praise from Jim Bowie (@Jim_Bowie) and Toronto Homes, Real Estate & Mortgages

It is always appreciated to hear back from people you have mentored in the art of Social Media and Social Business.  Today, Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) of The Digital Grapevine (#TDGv) received this praise from Jim Bowie (Real estate agent in Toronto. Motorsports, photography and rock n roll fanatic. Livin’ the dream!).

“Robert and I had met through our mutual passion for motorsports, but Robert’s prowess in all things digital and social media really impressed me. Robert has been instrumental in helping me to focus my social media strategy for my real estate practice. I look forward to sharing success stories based on best practices that I have learned from Robert. If you need digital media mojo, ping Robert Lavigne.” February 11, 2011

“Jim Bowie is not only a very respectable Real Estate agent based in Toronto, Canada, but a true racer at heart.  He is the only person I know who actually owns an Indianapolis 500 ring for his team winning effort with Arie Luyendyk‘s second Indy 500 Championship in 1997.” said Robert Lavigne upon hearing of the praise.

Jim Bowie recognizes that a Facebook/Twitter/YouTube feed cannot be all self-promotion.  This philosophy is clearly outlined in Robert Lavigne‘s groundbreaking post The Three Gears of Enterprise Social Media Adoption on his original blog My Thoughts Enclosed…

“Only through engaging using a Third Gear philosophy will you achieve the real value proposition that Social Media can deliver. Whether it is within your organization using Enterprise 2.0, or outside of your organization using Social CRM, your mindset and attitude in using the tools will determine your success or failure and not the tools themselves.”~@RLavigne42

Jim makes a point of infusing his feed with a mix of insight, photography, music and racing to compliment his actual Real Estate opportunities.  This provides his client base with not only a diversion to the typical “me, me, me” age of marketing, but also insight into his personality.

Make sure you check out Jim Bowie’s Real Estate Facebook Page if you or someone you know live in the GTA (Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

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