“What is VALUE in a Commodity Market? Your OWN Personal Brand! Your OWN Personal Context.” ~Robert Lavigne (October 30, 2011)

“Walter was adamant about all the training and all the education he got, but the only person that knows that is Walter, and the only person that heard it, was me.”

That’s the old way of thinking!

Put your context out there. Associate it with content that is already out there.  Bring that content into your feed.

Make use of favourites and playlists.  Find content that other people have created that is relevant to what you do, and bring it into your channel.  You don’t have to create it all yourself.  There is enough content out there.

But what you bring.  What your real value is.

Whether your are one person, 25 people, 500 hundred people, a million people.

What you bring. What your real value is the CONTEXT.

Where most businesses are failing right now. Their context is SHIT. <insert laughter>

People want context that they can relate to.

They are shifting in droves.

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“Content is Free. Context is Not!” – Value YOUR Context. – Engage YOUR Community. ~Robert Lavigne (October 28, 2011)

In a previous post, Robert Lavigne outlined the origins of his statement.

“Content is Free,

Context is Where the Value is.”

~Robert Lavigne (April 20, 2010)

In this follow up blog entry, we will delve further into his recent statement.

“Content is Free. Context is Not!”

Value YOUR Context. Engage YOUR Community.

~Robert Lavigne (October 28, 2011)

The Spectrum of what is out there, is so diverse. It is far reaching and wider than you probably already think.  This “stuff” is coming! In some places, it’s already here.

There is a strong pendulum going on in the global economy.  These strong pendulums are pushing back.  They are taking use back to the days of the Farmer’s Market.  To the days when we were interacting with people.  When we were sharing ideas, sharing our ideals and sharing our opinions.

You are seeing a strong demand for that.  There is a reason why most organizations don’t have engagement.  We have dulled it out of our “resources” for the last Twenty Years.

So when you have GenY coming into the workforce.  When you are interacting with GenX and GenY within your business.  Keep in Mind.  This is the world they are exposed to. These are the ideals they are expressing too.  These are the people they are listening to.

They are expecting more, because they have come to one realization.

If there is one take away you should have from this, it is THIS.

Content IS FREE!

Context is where the VALUE IS.

There is more content out there to last you the rest of your life.

When you have a Content Economy.  Where things are FREE, they become a commodity.

What is VALUE in a Commodity Market?

Your OWN Personal Brand!

Your OWN Personal Context.

Here is a recent example of what I mean by this.

How can Hamilton Carpet Clean

make the best of Social Media

by leveraging their existing

YouTube Channel?

How can Hamilton Carpet Clean make the best of Social Media by leveraging their existing YouTube Channel?

In a previous blog entry, Laurie Allan Coates asked Robert Lavigne the following question:

How would the utilization of social media vary depending on the business?

In this Life@42 Segment, we will partially answer Laurie’s question using the Hamilton Carpet Clean YouTube Channel as an example.

First off, I love the fact that their featured video has a thumbnail with key contact and “what’s in it for me” information.  Even the description of the video has valuable information relating to their website, a call to action and relevant traditional contact information.

On the flip side, the first thing I saw was:

  1. The channel is lacking an avatar.  This leads users to believe the site is not active.  This needs to be rectified immediately.
  2. The channel name is their channel name.  You may think this is an odd statement, but keep in mind, you are not limited to the URL name when naming your actual channel page.  This could easily be “Hamilton Carpet Clean” or “Clean Carpets @ 519-512-2047”.  Disclaimer: I have not tested these for valid YouTube formatting for invalid length or characters.
  3. They only have two uploaded videos.  They are 2 months old and 5 months old respectively.  Mix that with the lack of an avatar and you have a clear indicator of a “static” channel.  If you cannot produce more videos, consider making use of the “Favorites” feature to showcase relevant content from third-party channels.

Now don’t get discouraged, all of these are easily fixed and I will give you a few insights as to how.

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Announcing the Launch of the “Life@42” Social Business Workshops. Brantford Entrepreneurs to get Complimentary Preview October 28, 2011

October 28, 2011 Event Page

Now you can connect with Brantford Entrepreneurs over the lunch hour! Open networking: 11:45AM. This group will meet at 12 Noon on the fourth Friday of each month. The format shall be similar to our other Meetups. Meet fellow entrepreneurs, introduce yourself and your business, exchange business cards and materials, hear a pre-recorded or live presentation that focuses on one or more aspects of running a small business, and engage in group conversations following the presentation. Limited to 32 attendees.

Proud to have MCed the Warrior Muay Thai Exhibition supporting “Save the Children Canada” Charity

#TDGv MuayThai Playlist

Muay Thai Sparring Exhibition Night for Africa!

Another exciting exhibition event for Muay Thai and martial arts fans! Come watch top athletes from teams across Ontario show their technique in playful sparring exhibition matches. This event will feature over 10 matchups.

We are pleased to announce that 100% of proceeds will be donated to “Save the Children Canada” towards the current emergency famine. It is the worst drought that Africa has seen in over 60 years affecting approximately 12 Million people.

This week we feature Robert Langley (@2020lifeline). Robert explains “What is a Meetup?” to fellow #Brants.

Contact @BrantfordMeetup or http://www.meetup.com/Brantford-Entrepreneurs/

“Small business owners and entrepreneurs need more information and support to help build their businesses.”
Welcome small business owners to our Meetup where you will meet like-minded entrepreneurs in an informal, fun, learning environment.

Our Meetups are focused more on generic professional development and business building strategies, than on individual lead generation activities. BRANTford entrepreneurS (BRANTS) are encouraged to voluntarily follow up directly with fellow BRANTS after our Meetups to discuss individual needs and customer profiles.

All attendees will have a chance to formally introduce themselves and their business to our group, and to exchange business cards and promotional materials.

RSVP online at http://www.meetup.com/brantford-entrepreneurs.

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