#TDGv Interview with Saif Altimimi, CEO & Founder at NoteWagon.com

NoteWagon is a peer-to-peer learning platform that connects university students together in a marketplace for lecture notes and various student-generated revision materials. Not all students are gifted in taking great notes, and we are here to help! If you are good at taking notes, let NoteWagon treat you for helping your fellow students!

Saif Altimimi



Salut Gilles! A #TDGv Racing Chat with Allan de la Plant and Moe Sport.

Salut Gilles! – #TDGv Racing Segment featuring Allan de la Plante, 2011 Honda Toronto Indy Interview 

#TDGv Racing: Free Indy Friday featuring Allan de la Plante (Take 1) 

#TDGv Racing: A Chat with Moe Sport aka Ryan Chalmers (Take 1) 

#TDGv Racing Season Two is Under Way: Vortex Weekend Teaser 

#TDGv Racing

A Historical Reflection into the Canadian Fascination with Motorsports in the Social Era

#TDGv Racing: Season Two (2011)

#TDGv Racing: Season One (2010)