The Three things you may not know about Magisto, and what Magisto could do for YOUR brand!

In a previous post, Robert Lavigne provided his insights into the Video Production capabilities of Magisto.

“It’s all about the Milk!”

Robert Lavigne reviews Magisto,

the Cloud-based “In a Click!”

Video Editing Platform

In this Life@42 Segment, we asked Magisto…

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3 things they probably didn’t know about Magisto

The Birth of Magisto

The idea for Magisto was conceived when CEO Oren Boiman’s first daughter was born.  You can find out all about this on our blog:

This got me thinking.

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Announcing the Launch of the #BRANTS Social Business Hangout in Brantford, Ontario

Today, we are proud to announce that Life@42 will be featured in a new Meetup in Brantford, Ontario.

#BRANTS Social Business Hangout

The first event will by invitation only.  This will allow us to iron out the format and content with some fellow advocates of Social Business within the #BRANTS Community.

PSST… If you were one of the lucky people who received an invitation

CLICK HERE for Event Details