How the Brantford Library understands “The Social Media Business Equation” by Eve Mayer Orsburn

It was a night of many tweets. One conversation leading to another. Everything leading to this eventual engagement.

The Brantford Libary had the Social Business frame of mind to engage with this new arrival to their town of Brantford.

Well I got to sit down and chat IRL with Tom and Paula.

I even picked up my new Brantford Library Card.

Let me tell you this in very clear terms.

Simply put, the Brantford Library Community Managers “GET IT”.

They understand that it is not about the number of followers, the number of web hits, the cut of one’s jib, the smell of one’s clothes, or one’s klout score.

Can you say #IRONY (see leaderboard below) 😉

They understand that every tweet is an opportunity to engage in dialogue and expand their Social Network and TRUE Social Influence and TRUE “Klout”.

They understand that every tweet is an opportunity to expand their Social Business through TRANSPARENCY, COLLABORATION and ENGAGEMENT.

How does all this relate to Eve Mayer Orsburn’s new book “The Social Media Business Equation”?

Eve Mayer Orsburn aka @LinkedInQueen was one of the first people I started following on Twitter back in 2009, when I transitioned to my 2.0 Lifestyle.

I am connected to her on LinkedIn.

I am friends with her on Facebook.

It has been a very long time since Eve and I did any form of dialogue via our shared Social Media connections, as we both lead very busy and public lives.

I have been able to keep up to date on her travels, her family life (Hello Mia), her business success and her book The Social Media Business Equation.

It is only fitting that the first book I have checked out of the Brantford Library, is one that I have been looking forward to read for a very long time now, Eve Mayer Orsburn’s “The Social Media Business Equation“.

So to make my point very clear to those in Brantford preaching Public Transparency and Engagement.

Don’t be an Egg, and ENGAGE with those who opt to ENGAGE with you on those platforms you opt be TRANSPARENT.

You might be surprised who walks into your door and COLLABORATES.

Keep on Engaging like the Brantford Library Community

This Social Business Podcast Series is

Recorded LIVE in Brantford.

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