What the heck is Cinchcast? And why you should care about the value of transparency and engagement.

Update: This post brought to you by http://www.DailyProductivityTips.com.  Make sure you visit Stephanie’s Cinch-based podcasts.  My thanks for her contributions to this entry.

Today I had a conversation with William Mougayar, CEO, Eqentia about Cinchcast (also known as Cinch).

I was doing a video shoot with William to help promote his company after their recent review in TechCrunch.

Upon William’s recommendation, I decided to set up my own account to see what the deal was.  After setting up the account, I posted a couple of images (audio submission still pending).

After reviewing its features some more, I fired off my initial thoughts to William via e-mail.

It is part of the blogtalkradio network.  It only does audio and images.  The app records the audio or snaps pics and allows you to then post to the site and cross post to Twitter or Facebook.  It does not do video or anything like that.  However, there is something to be said about audio recording an intro to a particular link and posting the link (have not tried that yet).

Upon setting it up, I synced it with my twitter account and started following those I am connected with on Twitter already on Cinchcast.  Within moments, one of my twitter followers sent me this nice thank you tweet expressing her support for cinch.

This prompted a nice conversation on some of the unanswered questions I had regarding what Cinchcast could do.  It also opened up a dialogue about additional possibilities of Cinchcast, such as verbal bookmarks and verbal comments on blog links.

Here is the threaded conversation I had with Stephanie LH Calahan (@StephCalahan).  This conversation is a prime example of the power of social networking, social Q&A and a level of engagement that can only manifest itself by transparency.


11 thoughts on “What the heck is Cinchcast? And why you should care about the value of transparency and engagement.

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  2. Robert –
    Here are a few more ideas on cinching. (Twitter is wonderful for soundbite conversations, but it is limited for detailed expression of ideas.)
    You can cinch long audios or short ones. I made the decision to only do shorter casts — never longer than 10 minutes and usually 5 minutes or less.

    Benefits I have experienced cinching (remember, I’ve only been doing this since November):
    – About 20-30 percent of the world’s population absorbs information better when they hear it vs seeing it. I have found that I am connecting with a completely different audience through the use of my voice on cinch.
    – I have experienced increased traffic to my blog (every audio I record mentions my blog)
    – I have been invited in numerous blog talk radio shows to be interviewed
    – I have connected on a deeper level w/ different individuals
    – I have been approached by some that have led to joint-venture projects

    To create the cinches I have:
    – re-purposed my blog posts and turn them into audio posts (if you have long blog posts, you can get numerous short cinch casts created from one post and say part 1, part 2 etc.
    – re-purposed audio testimonies from clients
    – re-purposed sections of my keynotes and workshops
    – shared upcoming opportunities to participate in my blog

    Re-purposing goes a step further:
    – I created http://www.DailyProductivityTips.com and it forwards to Cinch to make it easier to refer to that tool.

    – Now that I have a number of cinches under my belt, I have created a podcast http://calahan.audioacrobat.com/rss/personal-productivity-organization-stephanie-lh-calahan.xml

    – The podcast makes it easy to publish to iTunes, so that was completed yesterday http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/personal-productivity-organization/id420540355 (iTunes is still updating all of the casts, but that should only take a day or two.)

    Good luck figuring out how you want to use cinch.
    To your success!
    Productive & Organized – We’ll help you find your way! tm

    • Thanks so much for adding so much content and value in your comment Stephanie. Looking forward to learning more and experimenting with what Cinch can do. Thanks again for the engaging tweets yesterday, was wondering what I would blog about and our chat prompted the entry. I then remembered that I had captured WIlliam’s comment about it on my test roll of the video shoot.

    • thanks as well for your point about the micro-podcasting. What can you tell me about your experience and knowledge with audioacrobat (cost, setup time, podcasting xml) and getting it set up on iTunes. It is something that I have been thinking of doing myself and your configuration cinch->audioacrobat->itunes seems to make perfect sense.

  3. I have been using AudioAcrobat for about 5 or 6 years now. Their customer service is outstanding. I started the account because I wanted a way to capture audio testimonies and an easy way to add players to my site. Over they years I have found a slew of other ways to use the tool (I love re-purposing!):

    — Client testimonies — I have a phone number through AA that I have on all of my material for coaching, consulting and speaking – clients can call, leave a message and hang up. I instantly have an MP3 that I can use in a myriad of ways. Here is an example of a youtube video I made using a testimony recorded on AA –> http://www.youtube.com/user/StephanieCalahan#p/u/0/Jvv5rbH4rT0

    — Client Assessments — Some of my clients are auditory learners, so when I have done assessments, rather than giving them a written document, I record my thoughts onto an MP3 that they can re-listen to. Downloaded and burned to a CD.

    — My testimonies for others — When I have been asked to review an info product and provide an endorsement, why stop with just a written one? I record audio and give the person I’m working with the HTML to easily past the player to their site. Better testimony for them and awesome exposure for me. Since there is audio, the person often puts my testimony toward the front of the page. (Note, I only endorse programs I really feel good about.)

    — Press Releases — I have only done this a few times, but it has worked pretty darn well. When I send a press release to a radio station, I’ll include some pre-recorded sound bites that they can use. Since I have done a lot of the work for them, sometimes they have played them all!

    — Birthday surprise for my hubbie — This year my husband hit a milestone birthday. Due to a number of things, we were not able to have a party, but I held a surprise virtual party for him. I created a guest line (took under 1 minute) and recorded a welcome message (took about 10 minutes because I kept re-recording) and then sent messages to everyone that has known him from birth till now asking them to call in. We ended up having well over 80 people call and leave short messages with birthday wishes and funny stories. AA lets you pull individual recordings into a play list (took about 5-8 minutes) and on his birthday we woke him up and put the laptop in front of him and he started the day with well over an hour of people that loved him saying Happy Birthday. PRICELESS.

    — Re-purpose other audio — I mentioned the podcast earlier. I have put my cinchcasts into my podcast as well as various radio interviews I have done over the years. I’ll likely add some teleseminars that I have done too. My podcast will include content that varies in length from my short 2 minute cinchcasts to longer 60-90 minute interviews. Since this part is new for me, I’m still in the experiment phase.

    — Video — You can upload video and stream from their site too. I sometimes like this option over using branded sites like YouTube because I can keep my site with my branding only. I have used the video in many of the same ways as I have mentioned above for the audio.

    Cost: Right now they are advertising 19.95 per month and they allow a 30 day free trial.

    Setup: It is all online, so no software to install. I believe their interface is pretty self-explanatory, but they offer ongoing training sessions for areas where you might want help. I had not even looked at podcasting until this week and in about 30 minutes I had audios loaded (already recorded and in the system) and a podcast created with a link to iTunes. You have to load each audio as a separate episode, so it took time to do that (and I still have more from cinch to add). If you add them as you go, I think the timing would look like this:

    — record cinch x minutes
    — wait for cinch to render to site 2 minutes max
    — download cinch to your hard drive (make sure to rename it so you remember what it is vs the cryptic file name cinch gives) 35 sec
    — log into AA and upload 5 minutes max – most of that waiting time for the system to render
    — add your cinch audio to the AA podcast 2 minutes – you pick the audio from a list of audios you have on AA, give it a name and a description and save.

    If you set up a procedure that you use ever time, you could easily delegate most of the steps to someone else.

    I have helped a few different clients get this all set up as well when they have hired us for their electronic productivity. 🙂

    Since you asked I’ll add a shameless plug here too, if you decide to go w/ audio acrobat, I’d love it if you would purchase through my affiliate link http://calahan.audioacrobat.com/ You automatically become an affiliate when you become a customer.
    To your success!

  4. Rob (and Stephanie and William) – wow, tremendously informative post that I wasn’t expecting to see today.

    Great to see a content repurposing mindset in action. And yes, text isn’t the only game in town, and there are many benefits to being “not average/typical” with the use of audio, video, imagery, etc..

    Will have to look into cinchcast and a smarter content repurposing strategy. Micro-bursts of content (more than twitter, less than a full-on blog post) are something I need to see about putting into the mix.


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