New to Google+? What is Google Plus? – A Life@42 Workshop with Robert Lavigne, Your Social Business Mentor

On February 1st, 2012, I introduced Google+ to the #BRANTS Social Business Hangout.

Every Wednesday night, I mentor the local Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) in the Brantford area on Social Business (e.g. Enterprise 2.0, Social CRM, Social Media).

Each week as part of this meetup, I also record a live podcast called “What’s on YOUR Mind? #BRANTS, which is hosted by #TDGv Studios.

The podcast that night was on Inbound Marketing

Episode 11 – A Social Business Hangout on Inbound Marketing

After recording the podcast, we typically have a round table discussion on the topic at hand.

This week, I was asked to do a Life@42 Workshop on Google Plus instead.

I make a point of always recording my presentation, so that I can share it with those who are not physically in attendance.

With that I present to you two alternate versions of my Life@42 Introduction to Google+.

Life@42 VideoDeck Version of Robert Lavigne Presentation on Google+

Life@42 Workshop: Google+ Introduction – Social Business Hangout Presentation in Brantford #BRANTS – YouTube

Picture-in-Picture Version of Robert Lavigne Presentation on Google Plus

Google+ Introduction Presentation by Robert Lavigne to #BRANTS Social Business Hangout (@RLavigne42) – YouTube

Take Care,

Robert Lavigne, Your Social Business Mentor

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