The Three things you may not know about Magisto, and what Magisto could do for YOUR brand!

In a previous post, Robert Lavigne provided his insights into the Video Production capabilities of Magisto.

“It’s all about the Milk!”

Robert Lavigne reviews Magisto,

the Cloud-based “In a Click!”

Video Editing Platform

In this Life@42 Segment, we asked Magisto…

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3 things they probably didn’t know about Magisto

The Birth of Magisto

The idea for Magisto was conceived when CEO Oren Boiman’s first daughter was born.  You can find out all about this on our blog:

This got me thinking.

There is a lot of B-Roll and Miscellaneous footage out there.

Heck the average business person with a SmartPhone can easily collect 5 minutes of various footage just on their way to and from work.

Imagine you now upload those “in-flow” video acquisitions and have a system automatically generate an edited video.

Even more powerful.  Imagine if that video could have a SEO friendly title and drive traffic.

Even more powerful. Imagine if that video could become a Social Bookmark on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and eMail.

Even more powerful. Imagine if that video could be created and hosted FOR FREE!

Well that is Magisto!

Want a Great Upper Body Workout? Learn to Play the Drums!

Question Audience with a Call to Action

Here is an example of me uploading about 5 minutes of some hack trying to learn to play the drums.

I often capture my sessions, so this was an “in-flow” social media activity that I submitted to Magisto.

The hardest part of the process was coming up with the title.

Now I am no marketing genius, but “Want a Great Upper Body Workout? Learn to Play the Drums!” looked like an attention getter to me.

Your YouTube version can easily be tagged and cross linked to your other YouTube properties.

Your YouTube version can have a descriptive link to your Campaign/Marketing Funnel.

Your Magisto version is already fully integrated with Facebook (facial tagging, commenting and liking).

You are set.  


This is what Magisto needs to add.  


Magisto is ahead of the curve on their focus of FB likes vs. views/hits.  However, the hits statistic should be viewable on the Magisto site.

Otherwise, those YouTube tags, that descriptive link, those view counts.

Well, YouTube will get that traffic and not Magisto.

This is a lost onramping opportunity for Magisto.

Red Bull, Catnip and Bacon keep #TDGv Racing to Victory Circle!

Trending Keyword Centric Link Bait

In this segment, I used footage captured while attending my regular Friday night racing.

Once again, an “in-flow” social media acquisition submitted to Magisto for processing.

Once again, the title was probably the hardest part of the process.

On that note 😉

Have you checked out #TDGv Racing yet?

Deep Analytics of your Footage

Magisto automatically detects all sorts of things in your video, from faces to behaviors, scenes, motion and even determines what the videographer had in mind when shooting the video.  All of this helps our automatic editing system determine which parts of your footage are truly the best, to make your video more interesting and cool.

$10 Friday Night Racing at OHSWEKEN SPEEDWAY

Promotional Material for your Events

This is the same uploaded footage as in the previous #TDGv Racing example.

What’s different you might ask?  Good question!

Did you know that you can upload your own MP3 with your video footage?

In this case, I uploaded a little bass jam I put together.

Here is the best part.

Magisto created a different video using the audio length of the MP3.

It’s not just for Young Parents and Baby Videos

When we started, we expected that the service would be ideal for young parents, uploading their baby videos (after all, that was the type of video that sparked the idea for Magisto in the first place).  However, as more and more users have started creating videos with Magisto we’ve found (at least from the videos that have been shared on Twitter and YouTube) that our service is really popular with demographics outside of young parents.  We’re seeing a lot of teens sharing videos of themselves and their friends dancing and goofing off in front of the camera, a lot of great travel videos, skateboarding videos, pet videos and more.  You can find some examples here:

Warrior Muay Thai Charity Exhibition supporting “Save the Children Canada”

So this is how you put it all together.

Want to put together a decent video campaign, but can’t afford a video editor.

Follow these steps:

1) Capture some footage from the event

2) Upload the footage to Magisto

3) Come up with a descriptive and attractive title

4) Pick a song from available genres

5) Integrate video into your Marketing plan

6) Engage your community

Warrior Muay Thai “Save the Children Canada” Plea by Kru Zubair Khan

BUT THIS! This is how you make MAGIC!

Want to put together an AMAZING video campaign, but can’t afford a video editor.

Follow these steps:

1) Capture some RARE footage from the event

2) Upload the footage to Magisto

3) Come up with a descriptive and attractive title

4) Upload a powerful audio message from event

5) Integrate segment into your Marketing plan

6) Engage with your community

If you enjoyed this entry,

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#TDGv MuayThai

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