How can Hamilton Carpet Clean make the best of Social Media by leveraging their existing YouTube Channel?

In a previous blog entry, Laurie Allan Coates asked Robert Lavigne the following question:

How would the utilization of social media vary depending on the business?

In this Life@42 Segment, we will partially answer Laurie’s question using the Hamilton Carpet Clean YouTube Channel as an example.

First off, I love the fact that their featured video has a thumbnail with key contact and “what’s in it for me” information.  Even the description of the video has valuable information relating to their website, a call to action and relevant traditional contact information.

On the flip side, the first thing I saw was:

  1. The channel is lacking an avatar.  This leads users to believe the site is not active.  This needs to be rectified immediately.
  2. The channel name is their channel name.  You may think this is an odd statement, but keep in mind, you are not limited to the URL name when naming your actual channel page.  This could easily be “Hamilton Carpet Clean” or “Clean Carpets @ 519-512-2047”.  Disclaimer: I have not tested these for valid YouTube formatting for invalid length or characters.
  3. They only have two uploaded videos.  They are 2 months old and 5 months old respectively.  Mix that with the lack of an avatar and you have a clear indicator of a “static” channel.  If you cannot produce more videos, consider making use of the “Favorites” feature to showcase relevant content from third-party channels.

Now don’t get discouraged, all of these are easily fixed and I will give you a few insights as to how.

The most recent video was created using Animoto – Video Slideshow Maker with Music.

Animoto turns your photos and video clips into professional video slideshows in minutes.

This is a freemium cloud-based video editing service that converts uploaded pictures into a music video.  I am pretty sure Hamilton Carpet Cleaning Services see plenty of interesting things during their day-to-day business.  Take pictures of them and at a minimum do a monthly Animoto upload.

Their second video is a professionally produced promotional video showcasing their corporate values and community services.

In in itself, it is a traditional “tv-spot”.  Don’t be confused, you need these on your channel.  However, remember, this is SOCIAL MEDIA not TRADITIONAL MEDIA.

What #TDGv Studios would produce is a dual-assault YouTube campaign based on two excellent series.  The first is “Will It Blend?” by Blendtec and the second is “MythBusters” by the Discovery Channel.

Hamilton Carpet Clean is likely to run into some very interesting stains and challenges in their day to day carpet cleaning. Showcase these and let their community know how they addressed them.  Highlight both the successes and failures similar to MythBusters’ “busted”, “plausible” or “confirmed” format.  This can be a weekly or monthly series.

Walter Da Costa, Owner at Professional Carpet Systems Brant, is passionate about the level of knowledge and training he has acquired in the field of Carpet Cleaning.  Walter, yes I am talking directly to you now, get in front of that video camera and share some of that insight.  Talk about the common misconceptions that are out there and share some of that content with your own personal context.  This should be initially a weekly series leveraging questions and answers from their community.

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The Digital Grapevine / #TDGv Studios

2 thoughts on “How can Hamilton Carpet Clean make the best of Social Media by leveraging their existing YouTube Channel?

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