Forever Reach Out! For if you remain a Silo, you will Fail from its Heavy Weight and Loneliness!

Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)


The Three Gears of Enterprise Social Media Adoption

adapted by Robert Lavigne(@RLavigne42)

“Only through engaging using a Third Gear philosophy will you achieve the real value proposition that Social Media can deliver. Whether it is within your organization using Enterprise 2.0, or outside of your organization using Social CRM, your mindset and attitude in using the tools will determine your success or failure and not the tools themselves.”~@RLavigne42

Engage with Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

Enterprise 2.0 Mentor and Leader at The Digital Grapevine

This is my personal brand.

Seasoned GenX Leader Capable of Leveraging the Technically Savvy GenY Knowledge Worker

Nice.  Simple.  Tweet-able.  Tagged.  Contextual.  To the Point.

My personal brand is a clear indicator of both who I am and who I wish to mentor towards making an organizational shift leveraging the values of Enterprise 2.o, Agile Development, Transparency and Accountability, Collaboration and Engagement, and providing a cultural shift both within your organization and across your customer base.

It only cost me two years and 10,000 hours worth of effort, research, networking, and financing!

Do you have 10,000 hours to waste or money to burn?


Then leverage my findings and social network, and engage with

Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

Highlights and Achievements

  • Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM, Personal Branding,
  • Video Production, Video Editing,
  • WordPress, Wikis, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook,
  • Agile, SCRUM, PMBOK, RAD, Methodologies,
  • SaaS, SOA, .NET, JAVA, N-Tier, Architectures,
  • Networking, Staffing, Leadership, Mentoring,
  • Strategic Planning, Innovation, Cost Savings,
  • Product Management, Sales, Marketing Support,
  • Project Management Professional (PMP),
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce (MIS),
  • English (fluent), French (spoken),

Robert has been responsible for products that have evolved from the “Paper Napkin” stage through to Tier-1 implementation at major Telecommunication Providers.

Robert Lavigne has been recently researching and networking in the fields of Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM and Personal Branding to compliment his existing Agile Development and Leadership experience.

This evolutionary knowledge furthers the delivery of Real Corporate Value (RCV). The use of modern social networking tools and related mindsets fully engages business relationships and departmental convergence.

Rob subscribes to the need for further contextualization of accessible content to achieve real returns in the field of Competitive Intelligence and Business Innovation.

Work History

Current (2009-Present)

  • Enterprise 2.0 Mentor and Leader at The Digital Grapevine (#TDGv) (Self-employed)
  • Social Media Producer, Editor and Director at #TDGv Studios (Self-employed)
  • Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, Social CRM and Personal Branding Micro-Blogger and Researcher at The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (Self-employed)

Past (1992-2009)

  • Director, Applications Development at BBM Canada
  • Manager, Application Development at Accruent
  • Development Manager at ADP Canada
  • Team Strategist at Compass360/Racing
  • Director, Research and Development at NTG Clarity / Metaplus
  • Engineering Manager at Daleen Technologies
  • Application Development Manager at Mediconsult
  • Manager, Application Development at Akanda Innovation Inc.
  • Senior Workflow and Messaging Consultant at IKO Technology Services
  • Systems Engineer at Electronic Data Systems

Recent Publications

What is a Social Media Strategy

answered by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

How can a Business Leverage Social Media

answered by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

Rave Reviews

“I highly recommend Robert and his organization for getting the best possible business outcomes through the leveraging of 2.0 technology. He makes life easier and delivers to exact project specification on-time and on-budget. He also brings fresh, creative ideas to the table that add value. I can’t wait to work with Robert again on our next project.” January 18, 2011

“Over the past year (2010) Rob has offered extremely valuable advice to our organization – specifically on branding and marketing more effectively by leveraging various social media tools. Rob is a brilliant professional that is passionate about driving change in the business world. His ideas are genius and the amount of value he has to add to any organization open-minded enough to engage his services, is limitless. I am grateful to have stumbled upon him. Thank you Rob, for shaking things up and getting us to think outside the box!” December 20, 2010

“Robert’s numerous years of experience as an enterprise IT director and leader, coupled with his unparalleled passion for Enterprise 2.0, Social Media and Enterprise Knowledge “ROI vehicles” make him a great asset to any organization which is poised for explosive growth in the near future!” May 28, 2010

“It was a pleasure working for Robert. I was always amazed by his ability to excel in managing so many different multiple projects, motivate by his own example so many people. He is a rare combination of the person, who quickly understands the business needs, who at the same time is a bright and aggressive manager and technically competent specialist, proposing the best plans and generating the best ideas, and who at the same time was always warm and interesting co-worker. I would strongly recommend Robert as a director or manager and colleague.” January 17, 2009 “

Rob was instrumental in turning a disfunctional, disconnected and difficult to deal with department into one that was effective, organized and much more receptive to business needs. He is a very committed, dedicated and engaged individual who is a also an able communicator. He is a great ‘translator’ between technical and client-facing staff, and learns quickly. As a significant internal client of Rob’s department, I know that our company has benefitted greatly from Rob’s personal involvement and also from the improvements that he made to the department as a whole.” December 19, 2008

“Rob was an integral part of the genesis of Compass360 Racing in Grand-Am. As part of our three-person start-up, he worked with our then-Crew Chief on team logistics, crew travel and per diems, and helped organize components of our one-car effort, including traveling to every race and leading the crew. More recently, Rob created a detailed written account of not only his experiences during that first year, but also a look at the years between then and our rise to become one of the top teams in our NASCAR-owned series, including chronicling our 2009 triple-crown championship. He has also written extensively about issues and solutions for firms using Enterprise 2.0 strategies.” December 18, 2009


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