“What is a Wiki?” answered by Martin Cleaver (@mrjcleaver) and Dan Keldsen (@dankeldsen) with an intro by Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42)

On January 28th, 2011, Dan Keldsen of Information Architected Inc, and I co-presented an Enterprise 2.0 and Collaboration Workshop to the 5TH Annual AFMNet HQP Professional Development School.

The Advanced Foods and Materials Network (AFMNet) is “Canada’s front line of research and development in the area of advanced foods and bio–materials — from new, lower cost antibiotics, to improved frozen food quality to faster healing wound dressings.”

As part of the workshop, we discussed the opportunities Wikis present to organizations wishing to fully leverage the collaboration within their communities.  When the question was asked, “What is a Wiki?“, we turned the microphone over to my Knowledge Workers Toronto co-chair Martin Cleaver to share his insights.

Martin Cleaver at Blended Perspectives has been providing Wiki Consulting services since 2001 and keenly watches developments in the collaborative technologies and practices industries.

Blended Perspectives offers:

  • Industry Strategy: an evaluation of strategic impacts of Wikis for your enterprise in the context of your industry.
  • Business Value Articulation: Which processes a wiki would best showcase the value in your firm. don’t worry, we’ll also tell you when a wiki is not the best solution.
  • Technical selection: vendor-neutral, we’ll help you and your internal stakeholders reason with the plethora of commercial and open source solutions in today’s market place.
  • Technical Implementation We’ll help you determine your infrastructure choices around hosting, inside or outside the firewall and help you integrate it. Installation, Systems administration, Plugins, LDAP, datawarehouse and embed into existing portal systems too.
  • Cultural adoption:we’ll help you quietly launch the service to ensure you gain credibility and mutual support processes with your internal staff; this service includes leadership messaging and participation, rewards and metrics and training and coaching.
  • Staffing Choices: as we move into a world where mass collaboration is increasing important, hiring the right people with the right values and skills is vital. We can help you gain these new competencies.
  • Wikis are a powerful class of Enterprise 2.0 application that fundamentally changes the nature of sharing information. Unlike many E2.0 applications that are still early stage, the paradigm and feature set of wikis have stablized to a point where their utility is widely accepted. As an application, a Wiki serves as a good first step toward the collaborative workplace.

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