Today I got a call from a recruiter looking for a “2.0 guy”. Needless to say my reply shocked and surprised him.

Today I got a call from a recruiter that I know and respect.  I was however surprised to hear what company/position he was pitching to me.  You see I had previously applied to that company shortly before becoming a “2.0 guy” (Life@42: 2010/11/18/hello-world/).

When listening to what they were looking for (apart from a “2.0 guy”), I was shocked and saddened to hear that the role was more or less a carbon copy of the role they tried to fill over a year and a half ago.

I know what I have been able to achieve in that same timeframe by embracing the core social business elements of transparency, engagement and collaboration (#TDGv Collaboration).

I know how much I have progressed in the same timeframe by  understanding the real value of being a knowledge worker within a social business (My Thoughts Enclosed…).

I know what can be achieved in a short timeframe when you start incorporating communities, crowdsourcing and corporate alignment.

So I struggled to understand how this heavily funded organization could literally still be at the starting gate given the parallel timeframe we both shared.

You see not only had I applied for the role way back then, but I also know one of the consultants that used to work for that organization.  Between that inside knowledge and the obvious lack of forward momentum on their corporate goals, I issued many challenging questions before even considering sitting down for a potential interview.

There is a strong difference between hiring a “2.0 guy” and becoming a “2.0 organization”.  So instead of simply saying no thank you, I attempted to shed some light as to what the organization would actually have to do if they really wanted to not waste another year and a half of their time and someone else’s investment.

When all was said and done, I shared the following e-mail with him that I would like to share with you as well.  The e-mail contains artifacts that to me best exemplify the lessons that I have learned about what it means to be a “2.0 organization”.  I would hope that you all would take the time to listen and read these before thinking of hiring a “2.0 guy” to attempt to become a social business (and as such not #FAIL in your goals).

I am happy that you understood the difference between arrogance and a company being able to “handle the truth” as you put it. To me I would be simply taking a position for the money if there was not a real alignment and that would not serve either parties properly.

The following are great artifacts that will help you a) better understand my position, b) better align my value proposition and c) provide information that is much better than a resume for your clients. All that and provide you with some great social business guidance for you and your own brand.

Here is a recent podcast I was a guest on. There is a little promo message at the beginning, so just ignore that (either that or download it via iTunes)

Here is also a key blog entry that has been getting some good traction (with accompanying video that I did).

Finally here is an interview I did with an Iraqi blogger that targets GenY and Project Managers.

Brand Conversation with Robert Lavigne

Brand Conversation with Robert Lavigne

Which brings up the big question. How many of your candidates have been a guest on a successful BlogTalkRadio/iTunes Podcast, highlighted by a major community for his views on the use of Social Media, and featured in an entry in Iraq 😉

And to answer your question, how do you sell me (and make a cut). How about looking at your entire client base and ask the question “who would benefit from hearing this information?” Would be more than happy to keynote some sessions for your client base on the content that is outlined in the podcast and blog entries.

Take Care and Happy 2011.



6 thoughts on “Today I got a call from a recruiter looking for a “2.0 guy”. Needless to say my reply shocked and surprised him.

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    • Good point Dennis. To me when hiring a “2.0 guy” should not be a departmental thing as to be successful in “2.0” you need to have a corporate vision and a high level of engagement on the transformation across the organizations otherwise you just get pockets on social engagement that simply show your existing silos to the outside world.

  3. Wow! This happens far more than it should. In my area, Social Business is very misunderstood and those businesses want to apply old traditional thinking, what they’ve always done because thats all they know. They btry to push a square peg through a round hole.

    It is so misunderstood, it feels like they are giving up their first born to venture out and do it right. The unfortunate side to all this, every consultant or agent in this circle has a different view, a different way of expressing the right way to proceed, it get’s even more risky.

    Many times, the hiring is about how much money they have to pay you to do what they tell you what to do, rather than allowing you to lead them a series of process that bring about the kind of results that make them happy.

    I could go on and on on this topic. Thanks for sharing.

    • totally appreciate the comment Owen. Having followed you on Twitter for pretty much as long as I have been on Twitter I somehow knew you would relate. Social Business is nothing new. We have been a social business as far back as the days of the farmers market. My thought however is that in the last 10-20 years we have been driving more and more into silos due to fear. What ever happened to nothing to fear but fear itself. It is time for companies to start becoming social again as the only way to will maintain and grow your market share is by listening and engaging with your brand advocates. By leveraging your brand advocates you will be able to do far more with your company that by leveraging on the unengaged workforce that has manifested from the fear mongering that drives most of our current business mindset. It is time to innovate again and become the companies that we are capable of leading again.

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