The @RLavigne42 Podium, TDGv Racing , TDGv Racing: A Management 2.0 Fable Closure

As part of this announcement,

Robert Lavigne (@RLavigne42) formally announcing his engagement with #TDGv Studios as their Producer, Editor and Director for Social Media Creativity and Innovation.

I have closed down The @RLavigne42 PodiumTDGv RacingTDGv Racing: A Management 2.0 Fable and am now focussing on Life@42 as part of the launch of #TDGv Studios going into 2011!

RLavigne42 and The @RLavigne42 Rear View Mirror remain my Facebook mirrors to my 16,000+ Tweets to my 2,000 Enterprise 2.0 Management Consulting Feed Followers.

#TDGv Studios is a Collaborative Digital Agency – Produced, Edited and Directed by @RLavigne42

Segments include:
#TDGv Collaboration
#TDGv Engage
#TDGv MuayThai
#TDGv Out4Milk
#TDGv Promo
#TDGv Live
#TDGv Agile
#TDGv Racing
#TDGv 101010
#TDGv Mosport
#TDGv VideoDeck


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