2011 – “Give Me Fringe or Give Me Death” – Google (Search) vs. Facebook (Discovery)

My thanks to Sara for including my view of Google (Search Model) vs. Facebook (Discovery Model) in her recent blog entry.

My friend, Robert Lavigne ( @rlavigne42) has this brilliant insight about Facebook vs. Google:

We are shifting from a search model to a discovery model. The very nature of this terrifies Google who have made their fortune on search. Facebook on the other hand is based entirely on the discovery model. The discovery model taps into the 3 degrees of connectivity (friend, friend of friend, … ). As such, it allows us to become aware of things that we didn’t know about in the first place. Yes you can search on it, once you hear about it for more details, but how does new knowledge get discovered in the first place? Via a social network based on the concept of weak ties and disconnected interests. In a world where content is become so readily available, the real value is in the semantics of the content. As such, content is free and context is where the value is. The discovery model allows us to use our social network to put not only context on the content being acquired, but also exposes our insight to that of others. Simply put search cannot compete with the discovery model as you need to know what you don’t know first before learning something new.

Sara brings up a comment regarding the recent Facebook Cartoon Character Campaign against child abuse. In her blog she states

The famous Facebook cartoon character campaign. It started at the end of November, a week later the children’s charity, the NSPCC, claimed it had no involvement in it. You can read more here and here.

The campaign generated 90,000 fans of the call to action with a clear measurement for engagement (changing their profile pic). The fact that the NSPCC claim they had no involvement in it, speaks volumes for the social era we are living in when even the marketing campaigns of brands are being run successfully within a crowd-sourced community. The fact that the NSPCC could not generate similar levels of ROI and ROE speaks volumes to closed-networked marketing silos that are pre-dominant in many organizations.

Which leads to the questions. Who truly owns your brand? Are you engaging with those using your Brand without your involvement? Are you opting to leverage that campaign or shut it down?

Is your company fully collaborating with your market-space to generate levels of marketing your 1.0 organization cannot remotely entertain mentally or physically?!?!

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