Fame…Fortune…Family…Facebook…Fatality and our Final Resting Place

Life is short and it is often shorter for others. Today, I put together a tribute/memorial video for a FB connection of mine. Paul had lost a racer friend to a brain aneurism (correction: Stomach Aneurism) at the age of 35, shortly after I celebrated my 42nd birthday.

For a while now, I have pondered whether society is ready for the reality of the Facebook Graveyard.  The reality is that we are connected to far more weak ties than any other generation in the history of mankind.

With a Baby Boomer generation reaching the end of their line and sudden GenX deaths, will humanity become stronger or weaker when surrounded by the massive amount of sickness and death that comes with having a strong social network.

It is not ironic, but probable happenstance, that I first connected with Paul when I put together a tribute for another fallen racer.  Paul is responsible for the Mark Donohue Reunion.  The reunion commemorates both the life, times and memory of Mark.  In a mark of irony, Mark died from a brain hemorrhage after an F1 crash at the 1975 Austrian Grand Prix.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Facebook Graveyard?

Take Care,

Rob / @RLavigne42

Third-Party Video of Matt at the Mark Donohue Reunion.


December 3, 2010 Update:

Video is featured in a tribute to Matt Drendel blog entry by Dede Seward.

In tribute to Matt Drendel of the Porsche Community – CEO/Founder of Heritage Motorwerks LLC.

Correction to the details regarding the cause of Matt’s death.

Paul Powell wow…..I made a mistake on that obit, he died of a stomach anurism, not a brain….my mistake…..sorry

December 7, 2010 Update:

Video is featured in a blog entry by PorschePurist.

I was told the Drendel one went out to 5,000 people today on Porschepurist.com

It unbelievable how these have gone out and how much everyone loves them, all cause of YOU

All the best,  Paul Powell

Porsche Collector and Patron Matt Drendel Passes Away at 35 | Porsche Cars, Products and LifeStyle


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