P. A. I. N….P. A. I. N…PAIN #Fail #Learn #Adapt #Grow

During my transition from a 1.0 to a 2.0 member of this global community, I was in a lot of pain (mental and physical).  That pain however, was nowhere as bad as the pain I was in on my 40th birthday when I put in motion Life@42 #Click4More.

It is not ironic than, that I was first introduced to Travis Pastrana around the same time. Travis to me has come to symbolize the power of focussed determination amongst massive and substantial failures at great pain to oneself and those around him.  Travis feels no fear during the day, but suffers nightly terror attacks unbeknown to himself but suffered often by those close to him.

During the same time, I was introduced to Robert Kavanagh.  Robert has a great story about both his own transformation and the value proposition of a company he is very proud of “The Art of…” Productions.  One day perhaps, Robert will let me share those stories captured in that majestic theatre which symbolized his aspirations.

<this spot reserved for the interviews with Robert ;-)>

The key to Travis’ success was his continued vision towards his ideal state of grace and determination to drive it to the checkered flag.  #FAIL to him was but a mere shift in air currents that required a course adjustment to achieve the perfect landing at his destined destination.  Travis Pastrana having conquered stunts, nitro circuses, GenY Games somehow called X, rally racing, uncountable world records, is now targeting NASCAR victory in his rookie 2011 year.

Closer to home, Robert was instrumental in me attending The Art of Management, The Art of Marketing and The Art of Cooking.  During those wonderful events, I got to listen, learn, interact and become socially connected to many of the speakers.  On Thursday, December 2, 2010, I am fortunate to be having a 20 minute skype chat with Mitch Joel of Six Pixels of Separation.  Not only was I able to develop “weak ties” with Mitch thanks to Robert, but I will be able to hear first hand from Mitch on what he thinks of Enterprise 2.0 (my passion for these last 2 years).

So to Travis, Robert and Mitch, I would like to dedicate this #TDGv Video to you.

Thank You Travis for your inspiration.

Thank You Robert for your generosity.

Thank You Mitch for your hospitality.

Take Care,

Rob / @RLavigne42

Food for Thought: Attitude, Integrity, Music, and No Regrets


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