How are you doing? What are your plans for closing out 2010?!!?

Today, I received an inquiry by a connection on LinkedIn.  He inquired


How are you doing? What are your plans for Christmas?


I used the opportunity in replying to Jay’s inquiry to put together a summary that is worthy of a blog entry to share with those who will eventually inquire on the same subject in the coming month.


A blog generating time savings and cost savings as opposed to multiple e-mails and synchronous messaging.


<sarcasm mode off ;-)>

Here was my reply for your shared transparent reusable content store 🙂

Hey Jay,

Nice to hear from you. Keeping things on the down low and cost free mode again this Christmas. Zero income in 2010 will do that for ya! Not saying that actually as a complaint, but a status of reality. 2010 has been a tough year to say the least. However, it has also been an amazing year.

I kept building up TheDigitalGrapevine (#TDGv) and my Personal Brand RLavigne42. I spent massive amounts of hours in the video editing suite putting out over 200 videos in 2010 alone. The sheer difference in quality from when I started is huge. Here is the latest piece I did based on footage I took last night and was fully edited and live by start of business day today.

#TDGv #Movember: @RLavigne42 “Stealth-Mo” Reveal and Prostate Cancer Awareness Segment

I also have a multi-segment vodcast series based on a one hour live interview/Q&A as a monthly keynote for an Agile practitioner in the GTA area called Collaboration in the Social Era with Robert Lavigne (231 views so far)

Turned 42 and launched my Life@42 (2 years in the works) social novel . Currently, it is a new blog mixing old and new content from the last 2 years and the upcoming year. The plans for it are far far greater however.

Here is some of its initial material that is interest to my current state.

They knew not what they unleashed in the haste to retain their crumbling status quo.

#TDGv #Movember: My Motivation is to change the face of men’s health

My primary data store My Thoughts Enclosed… is still live since it’s launch in March 2009 and has catalogued every aspect of my research over the last two years. That covers over 15,000 tweets to key thoughts and artifacts and hundreds and hundreds of personal and aggregated entries. Couple of reads you would enjoy.

The Three Gears of Enterprise Social Media Adoption

A Brief Background on the Emergence of @RLavigne42

20 Things Every Gen Y Needs to Know Today

Of all the ventures this year, my creation of #TDGv Studios is probably the biggest success of the lot outside of building up my personal brand worldwide. The last interview I did was with a connection in Iraq (now in Washington DC). Not a job interview, but actually being interviewed for his blog.

Here is the entry that links to the announcement of moving from The @Rlavigne42 Podium to the soon to be very formal #TDGv Studios

Words of Thanks for Givings and the Launch of #TDGv Studios

If you now do a search on Robert Lavigne on Google Canada and hit I’m Feeling Lucky, I am the top hit in Canada for that name. All based on leveraging my @RLavigne42 Digital Footprint across 20+ social networks and 2.0 sites.

Long answer, but figured I would likely convert this to a blog entry as the question will come up a lot I am sure in the coming month.

Having said all that….


Thanks Again and Merry XMas.

Take Care,

Rob / @RLavigne42


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