What happens when your tattoo scans as 47.99 as opposed to 42

Last night, I attended one of my regular meetups of which I am a co-chair of.

In the process of introducing the speaker for the night, my fellow members (Paul and Martin) thought they would play a trick on me.  They wanted to scan my barcode tattoo to see if it would register as 42.

Instead without my knowledge, they scanned another bar code that read 47.99.  The joke however was on them, they had intended to have the barcode read 41.99 to make fun of the fact that I was not quite 42.

Want to see the tattoo being inked in real time?  Well you can’t as you would have had to be there at the time.  However, do enjoy this nice time-lapse video to the tune of Pink Floyd with guest guitarist Douglas Adams.


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