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Marshall Sponder’s Social Media Analytics – “Content is Free – Context is Where the Value IS.” ~Robert Lavigne

As far back as April 20, 2010, I have stipulated that “Content is Free – Context is Where the Value IS.”

In Chapter 3, Marshall Sponder states “the challenge of social media monitoring is to act as a twenty-first-century Rosetta stone, decoding the online chatter and revealing its relevant meanings.“

This statement is compounded exponentially when we understand that only a very, very, very small portion of the available digital content is currently indexed/accessible.

Finding relevant meaning to the online chatter is even more of an issue when we realize that much of that content is devoid of context or semantics.

As we expand the tools to aggregate and disseminate content beyond the current repository, we are faced with a challenge that sees a serious decrease in value of said content as its supply grows.

This reduction in value is not due to a decrease in demand for quality content. The reduction in value is directly tied to the lack of context that much of this new content will likely bring.

As such, when we compound this new content with our existing repository, the current mechanism that was used to decipher its value is unable to scale adequately.

The Dunbar Number (150) hints at a theoretical limit to the number of quality active connections we can manage. Similarly the brain, our primary semantic engine, is only able to provide so much valuable context to the content we are digesting.

So not only are new tools and algorithms required to allow us to scale with this new supply of content, but furthermore, a new content creation mindset is needed as our role as prosumers expand during the Social Media Era. Continue reading

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